Brownie points system

Not sure what else to call it. (Or I am too lazy to come up with a better term)
Is there some kind of system in place that if you keep turning down caravans they will not give you as good of deals, or if you take all of their offers then they give you better deals? It seems like if i take an offer early in the game, caravans give better deals. But if i accept deals early off, then they give me awesome deals. Is this just coincidence? If it is a coincidence then i think it would be a great addition to the game!


If this is true, then it’s no wonder caravans always try and give me curtains and fences instead of food and other useful stuff. I never accept their deals early off cause its always like 3 fences for 7 mean beds.

im not sure, bu i dont think that you can get food from caravans

I think I got some berries from them once, though maybe that was the trader. Normally I only accept the deals that give me a bunch of cloth while throwing some low cost wood items at the caravan. This is mainly due to the fact that I tend to skip the weaver for a bit, as his/her cloth supplies are useless to me for the most part until I get to the point where I need the leather to make armor.


most of the time i just entirely bypass the weaver, as your able to buy leather from “rugged survivalists”

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But once you are well off it gives you an excuse for another building!

Yeah, I tend to buy a bunch myself, but seeing as how shield prices will be nerfed soon, might as well get used to using the weaver

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i do love the idea of a “Relationship” level with the specifically named traders that come to your ton. (i.e.: Norm Windstrider). If you continue to trade with them and buy and sell goods, they’ll bring better stuff and possibly better prices…

This would make me a happy Solus.


Perhaps with the goblins as well? The longer you give I into their demands, the less costly and fewer demands they’ll give. Perhaps they’ll even aid in building or havesring tasks.


*Brownie points

Come on, stay on topic here Solus

I actually think it would be the opposite, since you are giving in, they would demand more untill you run dry

is that even possible on the discourse :laughing:


I was referring specifically to what you were talking about.

Brownie points would be the same thing as a relationship level. But i haven’t seen anything in game to make me think that there currently is such a system in play.


Brownie points are not the same thing as relationship level. Brownie points are cooler.

Also i moved to topic to suggestions.

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haha, my bad! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nuuuu, that’d discourage peaceful players who’d want to simply defend against undead instead of another sentient race.

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Peaceful players should play on peaceful difficulty.
Edit: Maybe if demands are met, goblins befriend you in peaceful mode?

I’d like to play on normal so there’s some opposition, but unless I’m armed to the teeth, I’d rather not attack the goblins.


TES III: Morrowind has the how-much-you-can-push-them barter limit set to reflect a) your mercantile skill and b) how much the seller likes you. I also remember selling stuff for less gold building up either your skill or your relationship. If “bartering” makes its way into the market system, the merchants can remember you and give you good deals if you’ve done good business in the past, or even show you items from their secret chest! Likewise, if you’ve repeatedly tried to screwge them out of their profits, they might charge you 10% more, or restrict what you can buy to boring stuff - plain chairs and such.

As SH doesn’t have a barter system, I don’t see many ways of developing this relationship, other than repeat transactions with merchant X, possibly leading to many useless/unwanted trades in the future!