[idea]some thing about the Trade

Game trading activities are not just a window, but need real mobs and dedicated windows to manage trade.

Merchant don’t have Infinite space bag and They don’t want to buy too cheap raw materials.

Any merchant has a burden of cargo, many times if the player wants to dump goods, they have to buy all of their goods first.they also basically won’t buy raw materials such as logs, stones, clay or fibers…Unless some of these raw materials are scarce in this area. For example, merchant in the desert would prefer to buy logs, but they would not buy too much.
travellers, travelling merchants, marches and caravans

The traveler will not carry any merchandise and will not buy goods. If certain conditions are met, he will go to the player’s town and stop for a while. If they could, they would buy the supplies they needed or the things they liked, but they didn’t have much money.

they could be some traveler (1-3 people) or an expedition (that’s the kind of 5-man colonist) or a Ranger (if a fight happens near him they usually goes to support the fight), a shepherd (who takes a flock of sheep and may sell some “animal products” like wool) or someone else.

(if you have any idea about this, this can be written out over there :wink: ).

travelling merchants:

like traveler but they will carry a little cargo with limited capacity and has very small scale (1-4 people).but if their needs are met, they may send a barter request to the player just before they leave, as you see in the game: pop-up windows that they will tell you what are they want to exchange and when they’ll be back.
(Sometimes travelers and traveling merchants will come together like that)

They are need post, otherwise they won’t try to go to the player town, and the entire caravan shares a trade windows.

All members are riding on animals and must have a post to stop.(what’s the post? Please look down.)The scale are can be large or small, and to a large extent, the upper limit of the scale is determined by the degree of player development and other factors.

It is the best way for players to dump goods.

The type of caravan

According to the selected biome, the type of caravan will be very different.

The caravans in the desert are basically camels, and they carry large quantities of goods.
After all, Rayya‘s Children rely on trade to survive.didn’ t yet?
The temperate caravan is jast horse or donkey. It carries a lot worse than camels. The scale is much smaller then Rayya‘s Children

If the town’s [commercial prestige] is very high, Other biome caravans will come here, and usually senior businessmen.(Very rare)


The scale are can be large or small, will solve the monster they meet on the way. Some marches It’s a mercenary.you can spend money to employment then. After hiring them, they will be placed in the column of “employ troops”.If the blood is too low, they will run away. Of course mercenaries are the low priority treatment of priests.(Higher priority than non combatants)

(These outsiders are hereinafter referred to as [passengers])

Mechanism of passenger formation and disappearance
Passengers will only generate in the plain area near the edge of the map.

The randomness of travelers, traveling businessmen and marching troops is very strong.

Caravans are relatively fixed.

Passengers will disappear after a short period of time if they can’t detect the path to the Player’s Town.

The caravan also needs to have accessible [posts] and the collision is huge (everyone rides animals), and players have to reserve a bigger Road

Even if there is a path to the Player’s Town [Flag] but it takes a long time to get there, it will disappear (AI: I cry my best!)

passenger entry and stay

When passengers arrive at the town flag, they will be marked as "enter".

passengers will find ways to meet their needs from the players’ towns.

Generally speaking, only merchants will stay longer, other passengers will only stay for about half a day.

[passenger demand]

Players need to place the [store shelf].

Passengers will take the materials they need and pay for them.

Satisfying the needs of travelers is also an important source of income. After all, as mentioned above, merchants have limited cargo loads and it is difficult for players to dump goods.

Food demand:

Passengers will choose the best food if they have enough money.

Caravans’ animals need a lot of crops.

(it’s owner goes to feed)

Large animals such as camels and horses usually eat 10 crops to fill their stomachs.

Rest demand:
Players are required to mark the bed as “passenger only”. A bed that has to be in a room. Of course, the advanced bed is better.

Demand for supplies:

General: jerky(Everyone needs it)

Marches: Any cooked food, healing potion, bandage…

The above are just some examples. Let’s skip over the rest frist.

[Business reputation]

The base and maximum values are determined by the total building value, gross domestic product, food reserves, and town level of the player town.

The total value of construction has the greatest impact.

After all…
Traveler above: I remember there is a new town here. Why I didn’t see anything? Or I get the map reversed?

In addition to the above factors, business reputation is affected by the following factors:

The passenger who marked “enter” is dead.(Unmarked will not affect)(Substantially reduce)

Eat and rast(you know what I’m mean)

Additional supplies(Without being satisfied, it will not be reduced)

Animals’s eat

Special events

Business reputation will mainly affect the scale of new travelers.

It will also affect the frequency of occurrence, but the impact will be very small.

It has the greatest impact on the caravan and the smallest impact on traveller

High commercial prestige can also attract high-level caravans of rare goods,maybe they will have something can’t get it in any other way.


Rayya‘s Children can get it at the plot(Besides, players are required to make them)

A post can only accommodate one” Biofuel vehicle”

The number of caravans per time will not exceed the number of available (accessible) post stations.
So big, develop business is hard not yet?

[request for military help]

When players encounter a very strong enemy invasion, they can request external army support.

After using this function, business reputation will drop to zero, and then slowly return to the base value.

It is necessary for towns and above levels to be used.

And will take two weeks before it can be used again.

Well, that’s the end. If you have any another idea over this, please say so, and I hope some Modder will turn it into a real Mod! Of course, it would be better if it can join to the ACE.

About all of this:This post was originally posted by a Chinese friend at a forum in China in 2016. I just remembered it today, so I translated and revised it.


damn, those drawings look amazing

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However, the original author said in his last words:
“Do not lamented this perfunctory picture, because it is done in a short time to perfunctory.”

EMM, is nobody interested?:fearful:

These look pretty good indeed. And the concept is nice. Reminds me a lot of all the travelers/caravans and such of RimWorld :joy:

“some” of it actually managed to get into the game in the last minutes, like the travelers and such - although not as complex it could serve as a base for something bigger.

And some other things are already, in fact, at least “planned” or mentioned in ACE’s design ideas. For example:

  • actually visible merchants and caravans
  • reinforcements/mercenaries

I can’t really promise or say anything about the more intricate and complex ideas like the posts for “vehicles” ( :joy:), the unique hospitality mechanics and such… But at least being able to see the traders or some pack animals or something like that - and maybe calling reinforcements - these are very likely :smiley:

Thank you for your evaluation.

so,nobody want to talk about this?

THeres not much to talk about, its a cool idea but are you gonna do it or are your just asking us to do it.