Bombarded with bugs

So after numerous failed runs from either bugs, or sucking I finally had a pretty clean run up until day eleven where all the bugs started to surface at almost exactly the same time.

  1. My specialized workers became idle or occasionally helped with building, and I made sure they had the right material,no orders, but still nothing I waited two days to see if there was just a trip in the coding still nothing, and it also started when all the other bugs began to happen.

  2. During the night enemies spawned but sometimes they just stood there until daytime where the just got killed this started happening the same time all the other bugs appeared.

  3. My workers refused to mine what I have ordered them to do, and there was no block indicating the order has been put so after a few dozen tries it finally worked… sort of they only decided to mine the outside ring of the order same with issue one and two it happened when all the other bugs surfaced.

  4. My soldiers randomly started to become idle when there was nothing to do instead of patrolling as they usually do, and when I issue them a attack flag after the order is removed they either attack what remains (buildings,goblin) or if there’s nothing left they just stand idle. They only move when they need to sleep,eat or occasionally sit by the fire.

  5. Workers even though there was a whole ton of resources in the mining shaft they never picked them up. I made a completely new stockpile, destroyed my original one and created it again and then never picked those up either. There were no orders at the time they just decided to not do it.

  6. And the last bug my Blacksmith took two days to build a workshop I had stone for the workshop, but they waited for two day until building it but they decided to build only one. Because I became a bit frustrated at this bug and order a second one thinking there must be something wrong so I placed the second one right next the first one block apart on the same area but she only built the second one.

I’m fully aware that this is alpha, and this is not going to deter me away from this game as I took the liberty of testing this game, and the enjoyment Stonehearth has given is more then the frustration it has given me

best way to mitigate the bugs at the moment, in my experience at least, save and load that save every day and before and after each building. it’s given me a lot more stability.

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