Blood Knight Factions: Seraphim Order & The Nephilim Warband

So I’m looking at creating a mod once I understand how the classes and factions work in this game of creating 2 factions.

History: The Blood Knights were once a tribe who drank blood from their herds and from large beasts instead of killing them, dieties blessed these people with the ability to control blood. Many years ago they encountered The Ascendancy and started being introduced to modern means of living though it wasn’t long before The Ascendancy took their lands by force for their own prosperity. The survivors were forced to leave their homelands but found somewhat of kinship with The Northmen’s Alliance, staying away due to mistrust but still interacting the Blood Knights learned of becoming a settling people.
Once the people’s strength returned a divide grew between them, those who wanted to keep their new life and the larger majority who wanted revenge on The Ascendancy and to take back their lands. Those who wanted to stay banished those who wanted revenge branding them as heretics to their forefather’s peaceful mindset and mixed with the Northmen, forming the Seraphim Order. The banished took to calling themselves the Nephilim Warband to showcase their opposition to their once-kin, believing they had turned their back on their forefather’s way of life, and became a web of smaller tribes roaming and coordinating attacks on The Ascendancy.
Gameplay: The Seraphim Order will startout with good relations to with Northmen and neutral to Rayans and Ascendents. Nephilim will have neutral relations with Northmen and Rayans, and will be hostile toward Ascendents.
Seraphim will build villages while Nephilim will build multiple smaller outposts
Their warriors become more fierce as they fight longer in battle, as they take damage and their enemy takes damage a stackable buff will be applied that increases attack and defense, after awhile without attacking or being attacked the buff will be absorbed into health.
Nephilim will have an added option to increase relationship where you can loan your cattle as they have stayed with their ancestory and live off a diet of blood. Once a certain time is up your cattle will be returned to you.

More will be added but this is the start as of now

Knight/Warrior Models:
1H & 2H blades, shields with both factions’ crests, both factions’ armour, tusked helmets, and war axe.


The more mods the merrier :wink:. Could you re-post the picture from another angle? It is hard to see too many things with just a side-view.

One comment on…

I assume you plan to have this two new and playable “kingdoms”. I am not sure how this kind of settlement will be supported in Stonehearth. There have been some discussions about the option to create outposts and this will be working. However, I understand you would endup with a (big) city and some outposts if you want to have a striving settlement. On the other hand, might be just a more challenging way of playing Stoneharth with some limitations in the size of your settlement…

seconded… looks like you might have some interesting details hidden in there! :smile:

your history sounds somewhat like Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series… :+1:

@voxel_pirate, @SteveAdamo its a gif, click it to make it turn :wink:

I love the armor decal by the way!


Oh… why are turntables not turning automatically anymore? Sorry, my fault (and thanks for the hint).

I’m planning on them being an AI faction that you could interact with, once they gain enough trust of you they will grant you access to their armor and weapons (and classes)

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d3rp… thanks! :smile:

love the details on the armor as well… and i get that “blood armor” feeling even more now… nice work!