[Alpha 18 Gameplay] Mod Squad

I decided to do a full game playthrough of What Stonehearth with mods has to offer.

This time using both the Crusader Mod and the Assassin Mod to make a pretty well balanced army.

I managed to get through the mountain/ogo campaign with only 6 units, many not even fully geared up.

Along with the bonus wave of goblins when you have goblin honor tokens displaying(didn’t know this for a while).

I managed to wipe them all out with simply 2 Clerics(lvl 6 & 5), 1 Knight(lvl 4), 1 Archer(lvl 4 without recurve bow or any special quivers), 1 Crusader(lvl 1) and 1 Assassin(lvl 4).

By the end of the horde my Knight, Archer, Cleric and Assassin had reached level 6 and my Crusader reached level 4. :smiley: