Balancing RPG Layer

Hi all,

New poster here. Does anyone know if there has been a mod that balances up the RPG layer of the game? Is there a timeline for radiant to do this? By that I mean itemization, creature spawns, loot, etc.

I have been playing with adjusted game files and may make it into a mod, but wasn’t sure on when these things would be fixed in the game proper.

Right now I have:

Way more active world (More spawns, more camps)
Progression tied to higher military strength values( Slows campaign a ton)
More thorough itemization(more weapons and armor tiered and sorted)

To do:

Balance Gear economy (bronze/iron is used longer, weaver remains useful for gear, think cleric and archer)
Rarer, more spaced out resources. (Gotta go high for metals, higher for silver and gold)


Hey @Noomsy, and welcome to the forums! :smiley:

From the top of my head I do not know of such a mod - but I really like the sound of what you’re playing around with.
If you already got something working I’d highly suggest you to start a MOD thread over at
I’m sure many players would love to see some of this in action! :slight_smile:

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Cool, right now most of my changes are in a local core stonehearth set of files. So I am going to read up on how to change those into a mod.

I also need to think about how to alter some things I did to allow for better compatibility with other mods that may change resource/monster spawns.

In order to create a mod, you will have to make a folder which contain only the files you’ve changed.
Additionally, within this folder there needs to be a manifest-file. This file holds various information regarding your mod and the files within your mod.
Once your mod is “complete” (at a stage possible to test), simply zip your folder and then replace the .zip with .smod. Make sure your manifest and folder holds the same “mod name” :slight_smile:

If you would like to take a look at a small mod used for learning, you could download the starter-mod.
It showcase how to add custom recipes and new entities into the game.

In your manifest.json you can mixinto to add content to existing files

"mixintos" : {
      "stonehearth/{path}/{file}.json" : "file({path}/{file}.json)"

or override in order to replace existing files

"overrides" : {
	  "stonehearth/{path}/{file}.lua" : "file({path}/{file}.lua)"

Note the S in their respective command above. To me, it seems typicall to mixinto json-files, but override lua-files.

For futher help, you can browse the Modeling and Animation category - it holds some good information imo.
And of course, you can also post your questions if you feel stuck :slight_smile: Best of luck!

Edit: As far as compatibility goes, I am yet not experienced enough to help out I think.


This is wip in a branch from some time ago, but no estimates on when we will work on combat again, since other systems are prioritized first (crafting is meant for A23, for example).

It is planned to make the encounters more based in the military score, since those based on net worth are sometimes unbalanced depending on how you play, so I guess it will get added at some point in the future (unless our game designers find a better design for this that doesn’t have to do with military score, or something else).

I remember in the past some mods that also tried to balance combat. These seem more content-heavy, so feel free to mod away :slightly_smiling_face:

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