Any Resources To Help Make Mods?

You see, I have this idea for an in depth mod, but I have no experience coding or making a mod at all :confused:
Any kind souls out there in the shadows that could help me at all?

The modding category in itself provide a lot of help.

A voice echoes from the shadows

What sort of assistance dost thou require?


well i was going to page @Drotten for you, but it appears he found his own way here.

so i’ll just sit in the shadows and learn with you


Everything please

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i think you might need to be a bit more clear, :wink:

what exactly do you want this mod to do, add a new race? add new campaigns? add new recipes?


Everything Yes, everything

A mod where your people start as cavemen, and you go through the tech tree to get more advanced items
I call it, Stonehearth: Through The Ages

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Woah, that’s not an easy task you got there. So basically, you want the game to be a bit more lite Civilizations or Age of Empires. Interesting…

Welp, there’s pretty much nothing (or very little) in the game that will be of much help to you, even after the game is done I think. There are lots of features you’d need to add that would simulate that a new age has started. It’s an interesting concept, but nothing that I can help with personally I’m afraid (too busy with stuff).

It’s really ambitious to go at this kind of mod right off that bat. I’d suggest starting with something smaller, and then come back to this when you’ve got more experience with modding or when/if there are tools that could help you with this.

There are plenty of good advice on how to start modding in the following thread.

And then there are the mods that @sdee made as examples on how to mod (startermod_basic, and startermos_items). Taking a look at those will tell you what you need to do to create a really small mod that just adds a few items to the game. And of course, there are the streams where she made the mods: making a reference mod part 1, [part 2] (, making armor and buffs, and how to use the awesome devtools.

Not much for me to do but to point you in the right direction (which, hopefully, I’ve done).


You’re my Hero… Thank you so much


You’re very much welcome. :blush:

Good luck with your mods, and don’t hesitate to ask for more help if you need it! :smile: :+1:

Returns to the shadows


Sorry to bother your rest in the shadows but could you point me in the direction of adding ranged weapons? ( Per see I have a mage mod in mind myself )

i’m afraid that ranged combat is not yet implemented, thus not yet modable :confounded:

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Well there are no support for ranged weapons per se, what you could do instead is to use a melee weapon and change its "reach" value to something really high.

It’s most likely not do what you’re looking for though as there will be no projectile appearing towards the target, and the hit will be as instant as when the mage does its attack.

But yeah, I recommend that you wait until ranged combat is a thing, after that you can have fun modding in such stuff.


ah okay, well at the moment it will be just some non-combat mod then ( maybe healing?? idk ) also wondering, how exactly do you make models for them? the model file seems to be some binary blob…

to make models you use a voxel editor, such as qubicle constructor.

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okay, thanks :smile: I might start cooking something then ^.^

its well worth it! being able to see something you created in-game is quite fun and amazing. :smile:

also just wondering, what ide or editor do you people normally use for lua? I have Sublime right now per see the UI seems to be Less css and Backbone.js so no biggie there, I actually have one project I have backbone in plans for, so it will be helpful to read actual backbone app ^.^

I think they use Ember (handlebars), not Backbone js.
Unless my assumptions are wrong…

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