Blacksmith Unfinished Workbench Rework (grab it and run!)


Glad you are having fun, these look like an absolute blast to play with!


I love the animations an graphics for all of your reworked careers, and I was wondering if there are any building templates for them? I can’t build to save my life.


Just need to animate the bellows now :3


Looking fantastic! Glad to see the community is still at it.


Alright, I’m done!
Now just meta/game stuff to fix… Animations to work… and soon that bunch will be up on ACE :merry:

Thank you for all those amazing drawings and the inspiration, Allie & Mally! :heart:

They’re not exactly the same, I could still improve some, but just wanted to do this as a final contribution to this thread :merry:


You’re an effing legend, mate.


…jezus, wow dani. ffs WOW.


Aww you two :merry:
Thank you :heart:


Will this be a template? it has to be a template. I will make it into a template. We have to make it happen.


ACE will have it’s own template pack when the time is there, I will get back on that subject. For now, just a lot of work to do still.


so, am i blind, or there is; currently, no high grade fuel to smelt gold?



Thanks for the response, i meant player-craft resource*. ^.^; yeah i figured out the coal vein thing two hours after that last post. had some 60+ gold ore burning a hole in my stockpile. ended up crafting all i needed from the bars enemies dropped before that.


ACE certainly make is “harder” to smelt gold, but I personally feel it’s something that gives the game more longevity then making it feel like a gate to get passed.