Blacksmith going idle

I just promoted a Blacksmith, but he won’t make his forge even though we have plenty of stone. He won’t build, either.

try demoting and repromoting them.

I just went back to the game to do that and he got to work before I could try it. Guess I just had to restart the game.

I had this problem this morning, had to demote then promote him again.

I think it’s infrequent occuranc. Hearthlings sometimes just ignore a work order completely, either restarting the game or demoting/repromoting fixes that. To me it usually happens when I see my CPU churning out at 100%

I’ve been having a bad case of this bug and so far all of the above suggestions haven’t worked for me. :confused: Any other ideas guys?

Hi @Papyrsatyr,
This the issue still occur after saving and loading? If so, please upload the save. I would love to take a look.

Ha, of course it’s working at the moment, (guess a second reload did the trick) but if it does occur again I’ll be sure to upload it ( or any other new bug) Thank you for the quick response o/