Blacksmith Anvil Interface broken when new blacksmith inherits workbench from deceased one

nothing in que and i cant que anything up i just hired a new blacksmith after the one i had died

Check who is the owner of the workbench. If the dead blacksmith is the owner (you can see it once you open the workbench), you should create a new workbench with the new blacksmith.

and i really dont want to restart becasue of

Maybe you have saved before that? That way you wouldn’t lose much if you reload the game…

Also, maybe try pressing F5 to reload the UI and see if that helps.

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i did press f5 no luck i did it liek 5 times ill do it again and ss the resulting errors …

The anvil pertained to the old blacksmith or is it the new one you placed?

thats the one that belonged to the old blacksmith but it says its owned by the new one… sorry this response took so long im currently playing and had a goblin invasion to deal with

WooHoo YEA keep em comin

Well… That might be the reason why it’s bugged. :confused:
I don’t know a workaround for this, sorry. Maybe it’ll get fixed for next alpha or when they make the crafter system revamp.

what my 15 population or the list of bug screenshots?

The fact that the anvil pertained to the old blacksmith, it may be the reason why you can’t add things to the queue in the interface. But I might be wrong.

and now i cant view my citizens interface :frowning:

meh ill just restart i love the game so i dont mind its not like minecraft where you start with absolutely nothing

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whoops, you got this bug: