Beds... It'd Be Great if They Could be Unassigned

It’s been stated before. I’m saying it again. Please, please, please, please give us the ability to unassign a bed either with a button or on undeployment. It makes it more difficult to figure out who needs a replacement bed if you’re upgrading from clay beds to comfy ones.


Better yet, give us “Replace” options for basic furniture types. If you have alternate items in your inventory, a button appears on the selected furniture next to the move/undeploy buttons that shows you your replacement options (e.g., when selecting a clay bed, you might have options to replace it with a simple wooden one, a comfy one, or a fancy four-poster; when selecting a simple wooden chair, you could replace it with a comfy chair, a clay chair, or an ornate wooden chair). This could work in reverse, too, which would make it simpler to code since you wouldn’t have to determine what options are “better” than others: if it falls into the category of chair, it appears (e.g., if you select a comfy chair, it would also have the option to be replaced with a clay chair).

Edit: obviously the replacement option for beds then would carry over the assignment property.



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