Beds don't unassign, and other bed bugs

Not sure if a bug or not but I assigned a lot of beds, then undeployed them because I didn’t like the building. When I built a house with beds later I had no idea who had a bed because it was saying everyone did but the beds placed had no current owner. I don’t want owners to stick with the beds, but it would be nice if they had their bed unassigned if they couldn’t find it (it’s been undeployed or destroyed).

EDIT: Since last update it’s no longer listing the current owner at the top of the list if you click another bed (the first one displays correctly). This makes it a bit harder (also can we make this more obvious on the interface by clicking? I don’t care who crafted the bed but that info is right there, would be nice if the owners name were there and their job logo.)

Since latest update they get the slept in a shared bed motive on their own beds…I did just assign it not sure if that’s relevant but they did sleep in their own bed several hours after it was assigned to them.