Bed doubling [r345] (x64)

I’ve encountered this a few times, and I finally worked out why :smiley:

When a worker is tired, and they are trying to place down a bed, once the “sleep” function is sent out, the worker will drop a copy of the bed’s stockpile version (small place-able bed) on the ground at their position, place a bed down using a ‘ghost bed item’ and then fall asleep, leaving the small bed sitting there doing nothing.

When attempting to return that item to the stockpile, or moving the bed, the smaller bed item is removed.
I assume this happens when there is an empty bed and the worker is placing a bed, I’ll attach screenshot now.

~Item is highlighted, and the carpenter is sleeping in that items bed~

I haven’t tested this with an empty bed available, since it’s hard to time it correctly to exactly before they need to sleep, but I’ll do my best.


I saw odd behavior while moving a [comfy] bed at night too. They dropped the icon in the old spot while still placing a bed in the new spot. Confirmed?

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Not sure if it works with other items, but mostly occurs during placement of beds - I assume yours went to sleep after placing it?

this does work with other items, and it has been reported before.

This has been reported before.

It could be that there are multiple bugs/problems causing the same outcome though…

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well that could be, though it seems to be one bug causing this

but it also doesnt just happen when they fall asleep, mealtime can also cause this to happen. i think it happens if something “distracts” them, as sounding red alert may have the same outcome.

I think distracted is the correct term for it. I have seen it happen when it wasn’t meal or sleepy time so, there I think it can happen also when new tasks like mining are assigned or perhaps that while mining the ore’s get created and must be collected.

if thats the case, then perhaps the “distraction” is caused by an order or event of a higher priority occurring (sounding red alert, bedtime, mealtime, etc.) whilst they are about to place a piece of furniture…

I personally feel that nothing except activating town defense should cause them to immediately stop what they’re doing and do something else. I feel they should finish whatever task they are on, then do the other thing, even if the other thing has a higher priority value. Except town defense of course which should trump everything.

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One thing is getting distracted and dropping objects (like a plate of berries) and forgetting about them. But @FiredHigh says that they will drop the bed and place the full version anyway (that’s a bed for free!).

Which still kinda makes sense to happen (in the code side, I mean)…? :confused:

Anyway, thanks for the report, since the beds issue sounds a bit different :smile:

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nope. if you place down the “mini” or stockpile version, they remove the already placed bed.

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:open_mouth: Then are they

  • dropping the iconic version to the floor
  • placing the full version (both iconic and full of the same object are seen at the same time on screen)
  • you place again the iconic version-> the full version that was placed gets removed

yes… if i understood you correctly :laughing:

they place the bed, but the icon still exists and gets put back in the stockpile, then if you place that icon they remove the bed that was placed. i feel like im just making it more confusing…

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No, it’s fine :smile:
I’ve understood you now. It was more of a confirmation, to understand the bug behavior correctly. Thanks!

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few! i generally just make things worse when i try to explain :joy:

I can also confirm this. I seem to see more ‘item doubling’, if thats what you want to call it, during times when townsfolk become distracted (by hunger or sleep) or alarmed.

And @Relyss, you are understanding it correctly. If you place the icon version of the bed or chair or table or whatever they dropped, the previously placed full size version will disappear and appear at the second location. At least this action does get rid of the iconic version.

So, no free beds for you!


When moving one bed, sometimes, it will appear to split into a regular and iconic version. However, only one of those can actually exist.

I think that’s what’s going on, correct?

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yep, sums it up in a much more “wise” way :joy: