Be able to update objects

Hi everybody!

I thought to something, maybe that will be a great idea to be able to update some objects. By example, let’s say we’ll be able to update a clay bed to a comfy bed with a blanket without having to disassemble the clay bed.

Thanks for your support.

This suggestion … I doubt it there isn’t already a topic or two… several months old.

Technically I don’t think its difficult to achieve, …
based on the occurence of my carpenter - when making comfy beds - took an already placed mean bed as ingredient for the ongoing crafting process. The flaw that remained was he put the crafted comfy bed in his storage crate and not back to where the mean bed was originally placed - leaving empty spaces in the shared sleeping quarters.

If we could build upgrades for existing furniture/items that a normal worker could apply (Don’t need a crafter to place some comfy pillow and blanket on a mean bed to upgrade it, do we?) or crafters themselves (Applying decorations to those plain windows or adding the spiky steel layers to iron maces) then that would be awesome. Just saying. shrug

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that way we could introduce maintenance for furniture objects, to keep crafters busy. I mean after i crafted all objects the farmers keep farming but the crafters are a bit unemployed…