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Hey Hearthlings,
It’s been a goal of mine to get into the wide world of web comics along with doing podcasts and game streams. This is the first step towards that.

A few friends and I got together remotely (over Skype) and have been playing the D&D 5th editions starter kit set “Lost Mines of Phandelver.”

I’ve done the art for the podcast and all the audio cutting and tweaking along with maintaining the channel page. Check it out!

If anything, it makes for excellent background noise while you are working. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you enjoy it, give me a SUB and stay tuned. I plan to release a podcast every 3 days! Enjoy.

Here’s a link to the Channel


Episode 3 is now available.

The party finds themselves attacking doggies and sending the land’s stealthiest dwarf on a scouting mission…

If you missed episode 1 & 2, either check out the post above, or choose them from the playlist in youtube. :smiley:

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Part 4 of this series shows off the most heroic and honorable bard in all the lands… and a very angry tiefling.

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The Stunning conclusion to part 1 of the “Lost Mine of Phandelver” pits our heroes against a particularly nasty goblin on a power trip.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

We’ve got a whole new round of fun for you guys today…

Hey Everyone!

I’ve put together a Skype remote GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System) podcast with a bunch of old buddies of mine.

[B]The Story so far:[/B]


The Harbringer (Over-Arching Campaign)

The Vessel (Sub Campaign)

[U]Tech Level:[/U] 3-4 (Medieval - Age of Sails)

[U]Supplements:[/U] Magic 4E, Martial Arts 4E

[U]Rules:[/U] Cinematic-Lite

  • I’ve played and Game Mastered GURPS for over 13 years… so i’ve built up more than a few house rules and like to play things fast and somewhat cinematic but not so much as to have my characters riding shields down stairs while shooting arrows into 30 orcs at the same time.

Solus (Me): Game Master
Lucas: Ater Dominus, Dark Cleric
Architech: Fengrim Morhelm, Arogat Slaver
Drew: Ash, Pyromancer
Clint: Patrick Blownleaf, El’Tarok(Elven) Ranger

[B]The Podcast![/B]

Part 1, Episode 1 finds our characters with a mission to bring Ater Dominus eternal life… whether they like it or not. They must travel north and find a hidden isle of druids, but the path wouldn’t be so easy…

Warning: Some adult language and crude jokes

I hope you enjoy listening to this, we had a lot of fun making it. There’s four more episodes from this one session on the way.

Please feel free to post any questions, comments, critiques, and especially cool ideas that i can add to this campaign.


Onto 40k!

We have a special episode of two members of going into battle in a recorded session of Vassal.

Today I bring you a very special battle report of Lex, who desires to bring the Greater Good to Sneggy and his speed freak greenskins.

[U]Armies:[/U] Lex (Tau), Sneggy (Orks)
[U]Points:[/U] 750
[U]Mission:[/U] Purge The Alien

Now… [B]To War![/B]

Be sure to watch in HD!

If you enjoyed this, I promise there’s a rematch and plenty more battles on the way. If you’re interested in being a part of one of these battles, please PM me and we’ll see if we can make it work.

Here we go again!

Part 2 of “The Lost Mine of Phandelver” finds the party joined by the druid, Brass! They head to town and hear of dark dealings…

just wondering Solus… how much (if anything) would you charge to do channel art/intros for my vids?

If you do such things… cheers

these are cool btw

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What do you get when a half-elf gets into a drinking contest with a dwarf? Don’t ask the half-elf, he dang sure won’t remember!

Warning: Adult Language

Insults lead to fighting, fighting leads to killing, and killing leads to experience points.

Warning: Adult language

The party really wants to burn stuff and kill things…thankfully, kind NPC’s tell them where they can do just that.

Warning: Adult Language

Trap, Undead, and a bleeding dwarf oh my!

The party stumbles across a secret room with a very interesting inhabitant… later, they find 3 much bigger inhabitants to deal with. With really big weapons.

Warning: Adult Language

Two vids! Wooo!

Alright, time to take a look at the


for Stonehearth Alpha 10.5. Here we take a town that has already been built with about 10 hours of playtime and see what’s available in Stonehearth in its current state.

Enjoy. :smile:

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Hey Guys!
Today we’re looking at Kenshi .74.14.

A squad based sandbox RPG by lofi games. Take on the role of a desert warrior and carve out your legend.

Hey guys, i’m back with another State of The Game, this one harkens back to a 2012 Kickstarter for “War For The Overworld” a spiritual successor to the old Dungeon Keeper games!

Check It out

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Do you like Space? Do you like Ninjas? Then you’ll love a game full of Space Ninjas! Check out Warframe, a coop third person shooter.

We’ve been super busy over here at BAH! Gaming, and we’ve finished our first adventure and even posted a halloween special!

Full Lost Mine Of Phandelver Playlist

Halloween 2015 Special

This is what happened to my halfling in last night’s session…

First “Comic” i’ve drawn in a while, was a fun little project.

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Our State of The Game for Stonehearth Alpha 16 unstable!

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