Back in Action w/Youtube Series

Hey Everyone, after being away for a while due to work I finally was able to restart my youtube series with Stonehearth and thanks to the save option add a Let’s Play series to my patch updates. If you would like to join in watching me explorer this game check out the first video below.


Very nice! Looking forward to seeing more. I like that you have the webcam on at the same time.

To explain some of the bugs you encountered:

  • The UI freezes when a new villager joins your town. That’s why they don’t show up in the management dialogs, and why your selection bar gets stuck. You can quickly tell it’s happened by looking at the debugging bar in the bottom right: if it’s not changing the colors around, the UI has become stuck. Save/load fixes the problem, as you noticed.

  • The head bug is a tricky one… no known workaround for this one, and it’s one of the more serious ones currently still in the game. The team is looking into it.


Thank you and great post, I found the head bug funny. I really enjoy Alphas / Betas for this reason as long as you can bring a sense of humor rather then frustration to your play you will laugh at the oddities that ensue.

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Agreed! It’s also nice to see the progress a game makes from an early stage to a more and more finished/polished product.

Actually, I see the second carpenter got released after you saved/loaded. That’s never happened for me, yet! Although, actually, I usually encounter the head bug after a save/load, at which point the save was probably already corrupted. It might be different if it just happens with a joining citizen.

Hmm based on that the bug that causes the new citizen not to join, and based on the errors sounds like missing property/properties to me. When you save a load it probably detects this and restores what is needed, which also fixes the head bug problem? Interesting thought at least.

Well, the citizen just is not shown to join due to the UI being frozen at that point, so it’s stuck in the position immediately prior to the citizen joining. The citizen actually is there (although in this case, stuck in the ground due to the head bug). I’ve seen it happen that the citizen just happily joins in, doing work and all, but still doesn’t show up in the UI—again, you can tell it’s frozen also due to the debugging bar at the bottom right.

So all in all, I think they’re two separate bugs, and just both happened to be fixed by the save/load. However, I’m not very familiar with the details of how games are programmed and all that, so these thoughts/impressions of mine might be very naive :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I forgot to mention before… ladders still are indeed, as you suspected, only built from the bottom up. A fix for this is also in the works, I believe.

Next episode is up, this time we go farming and finally beat up that goblin :smile:


nice work on the series! :+1:

just a quick note, that ladder you attempt to build at the onset is an issue with our units being able to build them “going down”… to be addressed… :smile:

My poor citizens are starving without new food supply, won’t you think of the children? :smile:


@SteveAdamo did not think of the children and carnage ensued,

(aka food supply now matters) :slight_smile:


Started up a new town focused more on farming, hopefully things go well

Finally figured out quality issues, guess it is just something about youtube’s processing I haven’t noticed before. Playing this episode on r127.

The goblins get there revenge for last episode :(, played on r130

We start building a fighters guild for our fighters!

r134 broke my save, so we start over:

Finished up our little farm house with a few hiccups

We are now on Alpha 5, with fences :smile: