Attackers freezing during Ogo's Attack

Soo for the first time i think i done goofed , i had 4 warriors and a cleric that jsut have to take down 3 wolfes a giant and an entire armada , but right as ogo is about to strike with his main army the game appers to freeze , none of my guys acept commands and the enemy just stands in position. Major turn off on what should be an epic battle.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait for Ogo’s main army

Expected Results:

Onslaught and chaos (army attacking the city)

Actual Results:

Everyone freezes in fear (no one does anything)


Not shure if it is related but i had to build a bridge to get to some stones maybe ogos is thinking he is attacking the bridge?


Bridge : Steam Community :: Screenshot

Error : Steam Community :: Hellgate :: Screenshots

Version Number and Mods in use:

Current version with no mods

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