All units slow down and stop

Few minutes after loading my save all units grind to a halt and do not obey any command. No buildings in progress, no mining or wood cutting or mass moving of storage. Enemy was gathering for large attack (mountain never showed up) outside my fences. 20 settlers in my town.
The only way I could get my game to go on working without coming to a halt was if I attacked the enemy right after loading my save.
Hope this helps somebody ells.

@Castlesrule, could you upload your savefile? It will be useful for the devs to debug performance issues :slight_smile:

Also, what are your computer specs (CPU, RAM, Graphics card…)?

With pleasure.
I7 930
12g ram
GTX 970 Nvidia
Info on what happens. Started the save I have included here (just to check that it still happens)
After a bit everybody slows down. Found wheat has no storage left to allowed a empty storage area to take all storage types just to make sure I missed nothing ells. Workers stored the wheat lying around.
Blacksmith, Stonemason and Herder does not do their tasks. Everybody eats while sitting on the ground. Only 2-3 of the beds get used.
Paused the game for a bit and suddenly everybody worked for a bit before slowing down again, but this resulted in some funny behavior.
People walked through beds or over them, one stood in a bed while another slept in it. Chicken and sheep was playing strip poker… ok just testing if your still reading. :innocent:

i found a bug where all my workers, Carpenter, mason e.t.c. stopped working

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I’ve merged your post here because it’s more related.

@Castlesrule, I can see the slowdown on your save. For example, the Blacksmith took much time on finding each ingredient and starting to craft (I think it might be due to the large quantity of containers / structure of the town).

Thanks for the savefile, @Albert or some other devs may use it for working on performance issues.

If you kill all enemy, there will be no slowdown. I launched an immediate attack on them and after killing all just went on playing like normal. So I am not so sure about the containers as a problem, although I agree it might help worsen it.

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Thanks! We’re looking at this now.

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After the fix, ver 610, the bug is gone. Thank you.

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Soo for the first time i think i done goofed , i had 4 warriors and a cleric that jsut have to take down 3 wolfes a giant and an entire armada , but right as ogo is about to strike with his main army the game appers to freeze , none of my guys acept commands and the enemy just stands in position. Major turn off on what should be an epic battle.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait for Ogo’s main army

Expected Results:

Onslaught and chaos (army attacking the city)

Actual Results:

Everyone freezes in fear (no one does anything)


Not shure if it is related but i had to build a bridge to get to some stones maybe ogos is thinking he is attacking the bridge?


Bridge : Steam Community :: Screenshot

Error : Steam Community :: Hellgate :: Screenshots

Version Number and Mods in use:

Current version with no mods

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Devs released a patch on Friday (r610) that is supposed to address a problem with the enemies.
Could you update the game and see if it helps with the hearthlings not moving?

Hello there

Soo good news is that they fixed the problem , bad new was that i didnt have warriors enought and ogo decimated all my village.
10/10 would be decimated again

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Sad to hear that :sweat: but glad to hear the problem was resolved :smiley: