Playthroughs slowly grind to a halt

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I seem to get to a point where my hearthlings’ movements get more and more clunky until the game reaches a certain stage where it will crash and never go any further.

I think this might be to do with my tendency of over-deforestation but I’m not sure. In the last couple of playthroughs I have systematically chopped down every single tree on the lowest level of the map and stockpiled most of the wood (the workers seem to get bored after a certain stage).

The reason I’m not sure whether or not this is the cause is that it takes roughly 20 min to cut down around 80% of the trees normally but it isn’t until at least 3 hours later that I start experiencing gameplay issues.

I have been experimenting with the 4x speed setting but even after turning that off my performance doesn’t improve so I doubt it is that.

Anyway please fix this so that I can put all of the trees into 15-20 stone chests (or whichever the 256 slot is) :stuck_out_tongue:

The issue has more to do with pathfinding and LUA permissions from what I’ve heard, but I’m no programmer. As your settlement gets larger and larger, and you get more and more settlers, the pathfinding becomes more complex as it’s now dealing with 10 or 20 characters moving around walls, up stairs, through doors, etc.

Thank you for your reply,

Any hope of a cure sometime in the near-future? I’m really enjoying this game but I’m not sure how much potential this game has for re-playability if an entire playthrough lasts just a few hours before it freezes.

It’s an ongoing problem that the devs have described as a “slow fix”. Pathfinding and LUA issues aren’t just a bug that can be squashed, they basically have to rewrite the entire way the game works. I played about six months ago and it was much, much worse, though. So there is progress.

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@NathanBrown the game is definitely in very active development, so I personally have confidence that fixes will happen in a timely manner. I agree that some things appear game-breaking, but being in alpha release stages and having an active dev team definitely make me optimistic that things will be resolved :slight_smile:

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The active development was actually one reason I chose to buy this game. I’ve got Banished but it was developed by one guy and it lacks a lot of diversity that would keep me interested after I beat the (difficult) challenge. Timber and Stone looked really good but it seems to have a very slow development cycle right now.

This however had several updates recently, an active development diary, weekly streaming, and it let you design your own buildings. So once it gets more challenging I won’t simply be dong the same thing over and over again . . . I can (hopefully) juggle a challenging survival game with waves of enemies AND custom building/decorating fun.

There is so much potential here. In the meantime I blew through a lot of the current content, but that’s all right. I’ve got my eye on this one for the future.

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