Performance issue - game sluggish, not CPU

After playing for few days (level 14) the game has become so sluggish, it is not playable anymore. It is not even using all my CPU cores.
Here are some relevant screenshots :

are you by chance running the 32bit version? becouse 32bit programs can only acces 2gb memory(top left it should say x32 or x64)
if so, in the stonehearth folder there should be a folder called “x64”

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64 bit:

and with “sluggish” you mean low fps? or that things dont get processed?
if your cpu says 29,7% and its a quad core, then 1 core could be maxed, and the others are not, each core gets its own task, but 1 task can not be split into 2 cores(unless programmed that way)

im willing to help you to get it smoother, but with lil info to go on its hard to help you
i often juggle between pause and play to let pathfinding/lua process, if you keep the game on full speed and you have 20ish ppl then it brings almost any pc to its knees(unless you have a 4,5ghz hexacore?)

if you show a screenshot of your game showing evrything i might be able to give you hints to reduce lag, and maybe others will catch those hints(hopefully helping evryone)

p.s. i avoid blaming specs becouse you cant expect someone to just upgrade

here is the ‘entire’ world piece that I have placed something on (there is some underground changes as well, but not much).

I have over 25 ppl. My machine specs are below.

your specs are not the issue for sure(similair to mine, but you have a slight edge on me)
sad truth atm is that the pathfinding is a bit taxing
maybe im crazy, but i like the battle against pathfinding xD
i did read that the pathfinding method is gonne be replaced in build 12 i belive(will likely be less taxing, but i think these methods will stay relevant either way)

i have over 35 ppl, i place fences to contain the pathfinding (the blue/red is pathfinding)

seems like your in an open area, might explain the slowness(depending on how far the open area goes)
if i remove a fence peice this happends

so placing fence around your area helps(a fence gate counts as a hole, so i dont reccomend them)
depending how your underground looks, i reccomend placing fences to cut off areas that you wont need anymore

also try to find items in the world that are unreachable(including items stuck on ladders) becouse the pathfinding will try and get to it, but never will

thats what i can think of in a quick burst, ill come back if i can think of anything critical :stuck_out_tongue:

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i looked at things a 2nd time:P
looks like your cpu has intergraded grafix, might be worth it to check in options to make sure it says: geforce something something, instead of intel something something

im seeing 6 wood blocks on a roof(unreachable items)

and ive used tower braziers before, i had 80+ of em, and my game whould lag at night(geforce 550 ti)
but the game is not grafic intensive, but it whould explain the sluggishness if your game is running on the intel solution

It looks like the pathfinder algorithm has lots of performance and optimization issues which causes lots of character time getting wasted. Even after I made a ladder to the roof, they came in moved the wood around on the roof, and left behind a new food item.