Assigning Items and Patrols to Hearthings

[This may involve some ideas already stated]

During my time playing Stonehearth, I like to make my soldiers uniform (yes I have OCD, Shush) and it’s anyoing that when I get a Weapon as a drop from an enemy, they pick it up even though I don’t want them to.
So my idea is the ability to assign Equipment that suites the ‘Profession’ of the Hearthing, via the ‘Character Info’ window. Now to use the feature you select the item you want to assign or change Under the ‘Equipment’ tab, and your Inventory window will pop up with the items you can use in this slot.

With the Patrols Idea it adds the ability to set Where you want to be defended. No idea how you get to the mode but when you do you can set a patrol by clicking and dragging to draw a line, or clicking to place a point where the Footman or archer (when the’re added) will stand and watch, clicking on a line will place a point.
Now you click on an already existing point to place a Patrol point, from with you can assign:
Any random Combat Hearthling from a group (yes you need to specify the group)
Specific Combat Hearthling
Right clicking will remove Patrol Points and lines.
Patrolling Hearthlings go from point to point and, yes, follow patterns
Non-assigned Combat Hearthlings act like Normal.

If I made no scence I rarely do (can’t spell either)

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the problem is that the footman still has his/her sword. your hearthling has a “job item” and a “tool”. workers, for example, start off with no job item and either a pickaxe or hammer tool (although any hearthling can do either job, so which tool they have is pointless). the footman grab the “wooden sword” job item, and has no tool (you could consider them being given the wooden sword as a tool as well, and that that tool doesn’t drop or anything when you switch it out, so you can’t have a footman equip a dropped wooden sword). when you give them a stone maul, they still have the wooden sword job item, but they now have the stone maul tool - when upgrading to a better sword, they drop the stone maul tool for the steel sword (or whatever) tool. whatever weapon the enemy drops, if it’s a melee weapon, it falls under the category of the footman’s appropriate tools, and they footman may decide to equip it. while I agree that making it so they don’t just pick up random stuff, or to tell them to only equip certain stuff, it’d be nice, but what you’re suggesting doesn’t really fit with how footmen work right now.

the patrol idea has been stated a few times, but there have been several ideas on how to go about it. you can read my latest thread (warning: wall of text) for how I suggest it’s done, but obviously the way I thought to go about it isn’t the only way. while I like the idea you’re bringing up, having “random” troops do that is a bad idea. instead, it should be assigned to either individuals or groups. making it “random” opens quite a few cans of worms.

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I’ll Change the Idea to what you have replied. thx for the feed back
and what I mean by changing the type of item it that they won’t keep the item. Really all it does is change the item they attack with. they drop what they had before. With the change in the Idea they keep the Job tool
Again Thanks for the Feedback :smiley: