Assignable Patrol Areas

So there’s a mod that does something similar, and of course there is the guard command, but here’s my 3 points for my suggestion for an Assignable Patrol Area mechanic:

  1. Put it under the Zoning Tab, and have it look and place just like any of the other areas. (farming, storage, etc)

  2. Allow specific hearthlings to be assigned there. Mechanically, this could work just like picking which crop grows on which farm plot, simply check off which of your hearthlings you would like to patrol there. So you could assign Archers to patrol towers or walls, and leave your footmen and knights at ground level or in open spaces.

  3. Allow the patrolling hearthlings to take breaks for sleeping and eating. As of right now, a hearthling on guard duty is the only job that doesn’t let the hearthling go off and perform the necessary eating and sleeping, and I think that you could keep that type of command available, but the patrol areas would allow you to keep your hearthlings that can fight more precisely where you want them without having to worry about them starving. I think it would be a nice middle ground to have.


Yeah, much needed feature, i think i have suggested something similar in the past, but your proposal sounds very solid. That’s a +1

I agree on that we need a way to asign a patrol area for the combat units, especially since clmbat is now getting increasingly difficult and tactical

But for now, you could try out the ‘Patrol points’ mod that allows you to craft flags that the combat units will patrol around


Thank you, That’s the mod I referred to in the post. :slight_smile:

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I like the idea but I think instead of setting a patrol zone I think that setting a patrol path would be better. Something like the allocating a prison gard a patrol in prison architect.


Well, that’s sort of what I meant. There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from making the zone 1 block wide, then mapping it around the perimeter of a wall or some such thing.

But with zones instead of paths, you still keep the path as an option, but you have a bit more versatility.

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I like seeing the combat mechanics and controls line up better with the rest of the game, so I support this idea. I also wanted to mention that the drag and select method (a la harverst) isn’t used for anything related to the military. I thought it would be worth a think over anyway - having combat AI handled in the same sort of priority structure as the economy AI.

Curious, can zones overlap at all?

I don’t think they can.