Assertion Failed obj([...]receiver.cpp:40)

Making a new thread since from what I could tell existing active “Assertion Failed” threads were concerning crashes on startup, and a whole different assertion.

I was going about my business getting the basics of a new settlement ironed out, basically the same thing I do every game. Out of nowhere, I get this error:

Stonehearth Assertion Failed
Assertion Failed obj(…\source\dm\receiver.cpp:40)

I wasn’t trying anything particularly odd, hadn’t even started building things yet - I was still waiting for my carpenter to get through my insane list of things to craft, and for my workers to finish digging out some storage caves in the cliffside there. I don’t believe I had any tasks active other than those and the trapper’s ongoing trapping area; if I did it would’ve been harvest tasks on 7-9 berry bushes and a wild silkweed plant. I had somewhat recently assigned a footman, and I believe my most recent major action was moving making a shield for him to the top of the carpenter’s task list.

This is the first time Stonehearth throws any errors at me that aren’t caught by the game interface, so I’m slightly puzzled, I admit. In general this particular game had been running a little sluggish for no particular reason that I could identify; accidentally toggling X-ray mode early on made the game freeze for a good little while, and it’d stutter now and again when toggling slice mode to check on the mining progress of those storage caves.

It’s possible this was related to the spawning of nighttime baddies, as IIRC I hadn’t had any yet this particular night, but that’s just an idle speculation on my part and I’ve nothing to substantiate it. I’m sure the devs will know better than I what that assertion is trying to do.

Thank goodness I’d remembered to save.