[r375] Uncaught error: assertion failed

Got this error while adding some Cotton Cloth to my weaver’s queue. Was using double speed at the time.

Wow, that’s the biggest single error I’ve seen yet!


Yeah, I think it’s trying to fit an entire object into the place a single variable should go. So most of the error is just spitting out every single detail of the object >.>


Does anyone have a stonehearth.log that shows the full error? Thanks!


I’m afraid I’m having some trouble reproducing this. Does it happen every time you make a bolt of cotton cloth? Does it happen on 1x speed also? Does it happen again if you hit F5 an make another bolt of cloth?

It happens uncommonly and mostly at 2x speed. It doesn’t just happen with the cloth. I’ll have to try and reproduce to get the log.

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i did have this error, but i forgot to check the log. funny enough its only ever happened with the weaver for me, if it happens again ill make sure to get the log.

also, it seemed to me that i got the error when i was deleting stuff in the queue just as he took away what he had just crafted.

I got it again, this time with the Carpenter. Log attached. Was again playing at 2x speed, on peaceful. There was some farming and building going on at the same time. I had recently moved the bench, so I tried moving it around and adding stuff to to the queue while it moved, but that caused no problems.

stonehearth.log (26.9 KB)


This is everything happening at the time in question. Only day 5.

did know if i should post or not so here it is its huge a big error window for ui i had just not seen a window this big before :-0
so if no biggie im sorry

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That looks like the same error I mentioned in this topic. I think it’s still an active bug in the latest branch, but can you please let us know which release you are using? The release number that shows up in the top-left of your screenshot is obscured by the Carpenter Workbench dialog.

this is the main screen i think the info you want Tuhalu is in the bottom left? is that what you needed?

Yes. It’s a good idea to include that information with each bug report. Just knowing which version you are running can be a hint in a few different ways. Unfortunately, between the steam stable and latest branches and whichever humble bundle version a player might have installed, it’s hard to be sure which version a player is on when they make a report.


thanks Tuhalu i will be sure that its ether in the pic or in my post from now on