Assertion Failed (and more)

The game is really starting to make progress from an end-user perspective, I look forward to future updates.

Some issues I have run into, which are…

Pre-existing Bugs:

BUG: Unusual Table Manners

  • Female (trapper) sits down to eat and the plate of food is behind her chair.

BUG: The chair that was, never would be

  • Chair fails to ever be placed, but remains as a ghost in desired placement location.

BUG: Uncomfortable beds

  • 6 beds, but they only sometimes feel like using them.

New Bugs:

BUG: Graphical Stuttering:

  • Expected Results: No graphical stuttering.

  • Actual Results: after creating this large farm to grow some corn, the game started to stutter periodically (like every 5 seconds for a brief pause). The bugs below occurred after this stuttering started. The top active Stonehearth.exe process was using around 1,200,000K Memory at that time. This stuttering continued for the remainder of the application’s run-time.

BUG: Ignorant Trapper

  • Expected Results: Trapper listens to me.

  • Actual Results: Trapper stopped listing to my commands for a while (perhaps 5 minutes). I eventually selected a batch of trees for harvest and she sort of woke up shortly after (not sure if these things are connected though).

BUG: GUI Issues / Assertion Failed – exit.

  • Expected Result: Carpenter menu opens properly when you click his crafting icon. Game doesn’t crash.

  • Actual Result: See screenshot below for GUI craziness. I had created a large section of walls from the West towards the East (assuming the sun icon is North) and I wanted to try placing a “gate” between sections of walls and see if they would open it – but I never got that far. It took me several tries once the GUI glitched but i managed to click the gate and the “craft” icon; resulting in “Assertion failed” dialog.


System information:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz (8 CPUs), ~ 3.1GHz
9216MB RAM
Direct X 11
ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series
Running at 1920x1080 32bit Resolution


Latest branch - Alpha 3
No mods.


thanks for the report @mash_harder… ideally, we would see these broken out into individual reports, so as to provide an easier format to track, etc.

here’s a sample report format:

Bug report template



Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



Versions and Mods:

System Information:

I fixed it up a bit, hopefully that is sufficient.

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