[r166] Infinite loop of errors, amulet multiplication when re-assigning job

No auto-save, progress lossed. If the error log spam didn’t kill me, the flood of hundreds of weaver spools would’ve choked my game.

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Ah, the good old nil values. What exactly were you trying to do?

Was re-assigning the weaver job to another villager after the original had died and dropped the tool (see the tombstone). As soon as the new villager picked the tool up that’s when the nils started flooding and the tool became 500 tools.

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Err… are you playing with any mods?

This happened with the carpenter when people had the candledark mod in their mods folder but weren’t playing with r150 (that mod was only compatible with that version).

Which Stonehearth version are you using? The latest one?

Thanks for the explanation of what caused the error anyway, this will need to be checked if it can be reproduced.

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No mods with a fresh uninstall/reinstall the other day, and current version [r166]. Perfectly vanilla game.

Ok, thanks. Can you share your stonehearth.log, to see if we can find some hints there?

And if anyone can confirm/reproduce this would be good, as @Franklin can’t provide a savefile…

Anyway paging @sdee and @ponder . I think they’re aware of this kind of errors but if they can shed some light here…


My blacksmith died, so i promoted someone to be the new blacksmith. When he picked it up he froze and starting spawning infinite blacksmith’s hammers. When the bug amount came to 900+ (i bet it was the amount of hammers) the game froze completly, so i closed it.

I know there was some other topics that had the same problem, and one of them where closed and did not allow more replies. But they where focused on the carpenter. My problem was with the blacksmith, so i guess it’s okey to post this :confused:

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It’s okey. But in the end it’s the same bug. You weren’t playing with mods, right?
Which version of Stonehearth were you playing?

I have no mods, and i was playing the latest build

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