Anyone Ever used the Stonehearth Editor?

Has anyone ever used the Stonehearth Editor?

Official Stonehearth Editor

Personally Built Version (64, has some bugs)

I just built it yesterday (I think I built it a bit wrong… has some bugs.). I used it barely, but I’m trying to take a look at it later on. It’s definitely useful for editing balance stuff, but I don’t know about other stuffs.

If you are curious about it, check it out.

[How to use & Must be aware of]

  1. get it built using Visual Studio or get the built one I uploaded.
  2. unzip the mod you’re working on, or you wanna check out
  3. set the folder to the unzipped mod folder, not the stonehearth/mods
  4. (if you got the personally built one) After using, force the process to close. (ctrl + alt + delete -> process -> Stonehearth Editor.exe -> force closing)
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I use it all the time! And yes, it does have a few bugs but that’s only because it’s such a complicated program and it is modifying a complicated game :slight_smile: I only wish there was a way to know whether the bug I encounter with it is known already or not.

It’s not finished, so of course it still has bugs and things that are not yet implemented :slight_smile:

Well, still, I think it’s better than nothing. I mean, at least being able to see all the prices of the item is great!

How do you build the Stonehearth editor with Microsoft Visual Studio?
And when I try to select the Stonehearth mod folder it doesn’t work.

@XanYder Sorry to see you have been waiting for a response for so long…if you are still around, let me see if I can help you (literally just did it, and am getting my feet wet with the tool atm)

  1. If you have VS installed (any version from what I can tell), Unzip the project folder to a place you will remember it (I put mine in /Documents).
  2. Open VS, and select File > Open > Project/Solution
  3. Select the .sln from the folder Documents/stonehearth-editor-master (assuming you didn’t rename it)
  4. One thing I ran into was that “AnyCPU” was selected in the config manager, this will throw an Exception and not allow it to finish builcing/compiling. to fix (if needed):
    a. In the right-hand side (called the Solution Explorer) right-click on the very top level line that should say “Solution ‘SonehearthEditor’ (1 project)”
    b. Select Configuration Manager…
    c. Change the right drop down to either x86 (for a 32-bit operating system) or x64 (for a 64-bit operating system)
    d. Click close.
  5. Press F5. This will run and compile the solution.

The mods folder it is referring to is NOT the Stonehearth/Mods folder. It is referring to the folder which will contain your mods as you develop them. So, think of it more like your library for all your mod files as you work on them.

Hope this helps someone out there at least a little bit. :slight_smile:


Be aware that SHED is looking for folders, not smod, so if you extract all the Stonehearth smod you can point to the main mod directory.