[SHED] How to build it on Win10?

I am a bit ashamed to admit it but all my GitHub building experience so far comes from Linux and I have no idea how to build Stonehearth Editor on my Win10 64x machine without messing up the dependencies (no success so far, I think I’m doing something basic wrong). Could someone help me (I’d rather learn how to do it than get someone else’s build so I can build future releases myself)?

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Good morning @Pawel_Malecki,

You probably need to use Visual Studio to build SHED. The free Community Edition of Visual Studio will do the trick: Downloads | IDE, Code, & Team Foundation Server | Visual Studio


(open the *.sln file in VS)

I hope that helps!

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Well, thanks but I know that, the thing is I keep getting compilation errors in VS2017 and I don’t precisely know why.

If you share the error messages and which repository you’ve cloned, it would be helpful for folks who want to help you :merry:

I know, the problem is all I get is ‘unknown error’ at the very beginning, right after I start compiling. I tried to compile the latest release of Stonehearth Editor from GitHub with Win10 VS2017: GitHub - stonehearth/stonehearth-editor: A Stonehearth editing tool for modders.

EDIT: I managed to get an informative CefSharp error which is mentioned on GitHub.

I see what you mean.

I got it to build and run after switching to “Debug:x64” configuration and doing a Nuget Restore (I think that the nuget restore is automatic though)

Did you get it to build, @Pawel_Malecki?

For future reference in case anyone looks at this thread again:

  • Use the Error List (View -> Error List). You get something along the lines of

    Please beware that this is powered by Intellisense, not the compiler - it’s possible that there’s an error here, but the build completes fine. In that case, right-click the project and Unload Project, restart Visual Studio, then right click the project again and Load. You can click on the CS0103 bit to get to the docs where that issue is described in detail. Likely not your code bit, but can help in figuring out what’s going out. When in doubt, take a screenshot of this list and figuring it out should be much easier.
  • The Output window (View -> Output) is the relevant one.
    Relevant most of the times in the dropdown are Build and Package Manager in case it’s complaining about references. The output here is more verbose than the Error List, and likely more correct than it too, but doesn’t look as nice. A copy of it is useful when trying to figure out what went wrong, though.
  • Pay attention to the bottom bar.
    If there’s that weirdo arrow-in-a-box, VS is doing something, but not telling you what exactly.

If it was a configuration issue, deleting the “AnyCPU” configuration should help. I’ll take a look and wrap up a PR.

Edit: PR done.

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Yup, now I see it is easier than I thought and Debug:x64 configuration fixes all the errors.

An ultra-fast guide to StonehearthEditor.exe building for newbies like me

  1. Download and install Visual Studio (Download Visual Studio Tools - Install Free for Windows, Mac, Linux).
  2. Download SHED source as ZIP (GitHub - stonehearth/stonehearth-editor: A Stonehearth editing tool for modders.) and unzip it.
  3. Locate file StonehearthEditor.sln and open it in Visual Studio (not in Visual Studio Installer which may be set to default in some cases).
  4. When the source is loaded, right click on solution “StonehearthEditor”, then Configuration Manager and change Action Solution platform from Any CPU to x64.
  5. Compile the Solution.
  6. Go to StonehearthEditor/bin/x64 in your unzipped project’s location. Copy the Debug folder from there to your desired location - your freshly built StonehearthEditor.exe is inside.