Stonehearth Editor


I figured I’d ask if there is going to be any changes + fixes + additions to the stonehearth_editor ?

if I recall correctly, SHED is open source (?)

Not sure now… but if it is, we should let them focus their precious time on the game itself - others could try improving shed later :merry:

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Fine boss >:(

I’ll delay my Snorlax titan and work on this instead


Yes, SHED is open source: GitHub - stonehearth/stonehearth-editor: A Stonehearth editing tool for modders.
No changes to it are planned for 1.0.


Alrighty, thanks for the answer ^^

Stop calling me boss :forlorn:


Ok boss


So the current version has two issues:

  • it keeps telling that the effect lists of titan-related entities won’t restart after reload because they are not referenced as separate files (might actually be a problem, I am not an expert at effect lists),
  • I get a bunch of errors while loading stonehearth.smod (the messages show file paths with both slashes and backslashes at the same time):

Error: Could not resolve the JSON path ‘elements/range_attribute.json’ with the full JSON path (SH path with backslashes goes here)

Error: Could not resolve the JSON path ‘elements/continue_on_disconnect.json’ with the full JSON path (SH path with backslashes goes here)

BTW, you should take a look at stonehearth.smod at SHED before release, there are numerous obtainable items with no or two different material tag specifications (all pelts, cactus seeds, earthbud seeds), gem_nature has two different categories set in different places.

Latticed clay window has wrong net worth (16 while all other colours have 10), wooden diamond window has 2 while regular has 4. Tall stone window takes 2 chunks of stone and lvl 2 mason while wide takes only 1 chunk and lvl 0 mason.


This is an outdated error; effect lists used to behave like that but it was recently fixed. Can ignore this warning :slight_smile:

Yep, these appear because a lot of the most recent content (especially after the amberstone quest) triggers some errors because they’re not fully understood by shed. If you just skip them all you can use SHED normally, however.

Agree with that, this is some minor fine-tuning that shouldn’t take long to fix for the reduced team that remained after 1.0 :slight_smile:

SHED errors bothers me a bit but it’s open source, so if anyone wishes/has the time to fix it, we can actually do that without having to rely on TR for that :smiley:

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you KNOW it has to have that SNOOOOOR…LAAAAAAX sound effect :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes Please