What is SHED in engine and tech?

On the development road-map one of the bullet points is SHED. Anyone have any idea what that is?

A bit of discussion in this thread on ‘SHED’, no definitive answer though.


great… now my curiosity is piqued once more!

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I would have to say, out of all other guesses, @deakon’s is the best because, as proven with Team Radiant’s love of references, this is probably the most likely.


Stone Hearth Engine Development?

I’d have thought the same Dwalus, except that it seems to be under the “Engine & Tech” category… kind of superfluous. Hmm.

Perhaps “Extension Development” or something? Think more complex mod support or something like that…

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That sounds like a good possibility.

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I know this is a late response, but I always believed that SHED stood for “Stonehearth Editor”. I believed this because the very first time I saw Stonehearth, on the channel known as Yogscast Sjin (on his Sjindie Games series), he was playing a pre-alpha version of the game. He said in the video (I don’t know if this is true or not) something along the lines of “The developers are including tools in-game to be able to mod the game”.
Now, as I said before, I don’t know if this is true, considering this just came from a lets player and not Team Radiant officially, but who knows.

Well, @yshan did show off an early version of SHED a few streams ago (one of the early Herbalist streams). It is essentially an IDE (integrated development environment) made specifically for Stonehearth. It allows you to view all the files inside a mod, and work within the program to make changes. It helps make sure all the necessary files are created, and has some neat tools like a campaign viewer!

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