Any way to stop my under 10 health footman from martyring himself needlessly?

After losing a ton of progress to the crash that deletes auto saves I decided to try out hard mode, which is absolutely brutal. On day 3-4 i was attacked by a stone golem that killed 3 footmen without going below half health :/. After being a bit more careful i am now a fair bit further in and only lost a few people. However all 3 of my current footmen are extremely low health with one being under 9 and no matter what i do, no matter how far i run them away from it, they are all desperate to kill a lone wolf that is a large distance away from my base. Seeign as it would most likely kill all of them in a single hit this is a considerable issue. As they are locked in combat they will not go and rest to be healed by the herbalist. Even telling them to defend a location on the other side of the map to the wolf will have them running off to try and kill it. We need a button that allows us to either temporarily stop the footmen from attacking enemies or force them to go to a bed and rest. Until such an option is implemented I seem to have no choice but to keep them running around the map until there self regeneration heals them enough or I am able to get a cleric, which could be some time due to the number of people I have lost. Perhaps a system similar to pets in World of Warcraft where guards can be set to Aggressive (attacks any enemy they see) Defensive (only attack enemies that come close) or Passive (wont attack anything) stance would work?

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Completely agree Nazgren…this is one of the more frustrating aspects of the combat additions.

Very frustrating to lose well loved and exp soldiers.

The only luck i have had in these situations is to use the villagers to kill whatever they are locked on.

Usually if all the villagers attack they can draw enough aggro to let the soldiers do damage, or have them run to far side of map. Not perfect, and often lose villagers but will occasionally save those soldiers.

Eagerly await those changes…as you said even just a “go passive mode” would be good enough for now.

Their is a thread discussing this issue Much needed combat option: forget

for the time being, de-promote them to a worker, let them heal, re-promote them to a footman :smile:
But yeah this really needs a fix…

I’m not sure if this’ll work, but try disabling ‘Job’ from the hearthling menu (the UI you use to suspend mining or building and such)

Also Seeing you seem to only have footmen, try promoting some of them (or idealy, getting new footmen and getting to 3and then promoting) to knights or archers, knights soak up a ton of damage that would’ve been dealt to the footmenotherwise and survive, and promote the herbalist to a cleric using the book that he/she can craft, making them capable of healing a heathling mid-combat

In hard mode, getting to the combat tactics as soon as possible is essential for survival

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Please try this: use the move command (green arrow) to move your guy away from the scene of combat. This should flush his target table. If that’s not the case, let us (or @Albert) know!

This works but only if you send them REALLY far away.

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@Albert is currently working on better leashes for the defense banner. REALLY far should be outside sight sensor radius (~64 blocks).

The other sortof tactical issue that comes up is that then sending them REALLY far away, while a short term fix, also means they’re REALLY far away from the healers, so if there’s a second problem that occurs they can get screwed.

Ideally the AI would try to position severely wounded hearthlings near healers but out of range of opponents. That might get prohibitively difficult though.

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