Animals walking through fences

I am strongly of the opinion they should not. Partly because it’s just kinda silly, partly because it’s wasting a huge amount of effort on my shepherds keeping them in when they could be feeding them. With proper fencing, they should never really have to bother chasing strays, and yet right now they seem to spend more time doing that then feeding, sheering, and collecting eggs…

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The sheep are escaping!!! :sheep:

Sorry, I had to. :smiley:

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thats a new feature, Super sheep

Wait, animals can use the gates?

Then what are fences even FOR!? I assumed they were primarily for keeping animals contained (and serving as a temporary barrier from enemies).

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The intention was that they would not leave the pasture area, even without fences, the a.i. would keep them at their marked areas. There are cases where they don’t, for example, when they are not settled yet, and still following the shepherd. Else it is a bug.

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Then they bug out like crazy. I’ve seen these punks in cafes, craftsmen workshops, homes, fort walls, mines…

its funny to see a chicken use the ladders :slight_smile: