[Alpha9 build 240] Impossible to instal bed in house

Impossible to instal bed in house

i have created 4 house with 4-6 bed in this house.
but the 5° house, i have 0 guy installing bed in the house.

Steps to reproduce:
I have created a house.
i set 4 fine bed to install. (see image 2)
but nothing in the result. (see image 1)

after a time (10mn) i set 4 more bed in the same place --> nothing
i re-set 4 more normal bed --> nothing.

Expected Results:
house with 4 bed

Actual Results:
house with nothing.

image 1 :

image 2 :

Versions and Mods:
[Alpha9 build 240]

System Information:

sry for the simple question but you have beds in your stockpile? also which system x32/x64?

i can only set a bed if i have already one in my inventory.
but with this, i this it is a bug with the fine bed and the fine bed buy from a marchand. It the same apparence.
I tryed to set a normal bed but not working. and one info : it is possible to delete a item not drop off ?
here i cant delete the ghost of there fine bed.

I am on w7 64b

Actually this might be the door bug. Test it, destroy the door. To do this you must highlight the door. Then bring up console, type in destroy. and the door will be gone. Now see if they set the beds

How i can show the console ?

Sorry had to work, Hit the key below esc on your key board the one next to the 1 key (~ key) will bring up console

Steps to destroy an entity:

  1. Add “enabled_debug_keys” : true, to your user_settings.json file
  2. Start the game and select the entity
  3. Press ‘~’ to open the console
  4. Type in ‘destroy’ and press enter

If the game fails to load after you modify your user_settings.json file copy/paste the contents to this site to validate it: http://jsonlint.com

Hope this helps some :smile: