ALPHA11 - Building Got Weird

So today, I started building my first building in Alpha 11. I settled for a simple 2 story windmill.

At first, everything seems fine, but halfway building the first floor/ground level they stopped building the first level and started building the second level, which resulted in scaffolding being build inside the walls of my ground level. This happened for the second level as well, but they did finish 2/4 of the walls before abandoning the second floor and starting to work on the third floor. They only started on 2 walls of the third floor.

I finally gave up on relying on the system to work it out, and placed some ladders myself so they could continue to work, which did the trick. However when everything wad done. They couldn’t remove the scaffolding that was build inside the wall. It resulted in a hearting getting stuck in de deconstruct animation and a LUA spike. I had to use the console command to destroy that scaffolding.

It seems the building portion of the game isn’t quite there yet.

I included the template of my windmill, so you can try for yourself (who knows maybe you get different results). (8.8 KB)


im testing the build out right now, i’ll post my results after its done.

edit #1: even just looking at the template i think i might know the root of the problem, i believe it has to do with the way the walls are “staggered”, as that causes them to want to build the scaffolding one block in so they can reach the second wall.

While building this, several Hearthlings got stuck on the 2nd floor after the walls were built up. There doesn’t appear to be any access between floors for workers to get from the inside to the outside of the structure.

Multi- story buildings are possible using 2x2 (smaller might work) ladder access holes in each floor, maybe try that? Internal slab stairs might work too.

Yeah I noticed that 2, in a second attempt I added holes in the floor, but I didn’t update the template.

Apart from the heartlings being stuck, did you get similar results ?

I didn’t try to add holes to the floors of your windmill. I’ll try that next time and see if it completes successfully.

Honestly, right now I can’t get anything built in my test game. IDK if its because of the 27 Hearthlings or something else. I’ll probably have to start a new game.

Getting more or less the same thing with my inn. Straight walls, 2 stories, scaffolding both inside and out, and they never bothered to finish the first floor, just started right into the second. I actually got this a lot in alpha 10 too. Only thing to do is revert to an old save or start a new town.

Haven’t been able to nail down why it happens on some buildings and not others, but it’s definite that it has something to do with multiple floors, and the AI just getting confused somewhere.

I guess we just have to wait until the next release, and hope for better AI. It’s a shame too. Stonehearth is my favorite game that I can never seem to play. =/