Alpha 8 205 Save games are not saved

After a while the game does not save anymore. Today I wanted to continue my game from yesterday and found out that it had not saved since day 10 and I was on day 17 when I saved last time. I tried both overwriting an existing one and create a new save game. Is there a limit to how many save games you can have?

I don’t believe so - you may have got caught in the crossfire of the 2291 and 2283 update. There was apparently a big save issue as @sdee notes here:

Did you perhaps play any of the 2291, create a save, then come back to it once the game had reverted to 2283? Things do break unfortunately, and there are a few save issues around, it may be a case that you need to just completely clear the save game file and start again.


I’m playing 0.1.0 Release 205. So I actually don’t know what branch it is, sorry.

Ah okay, so you’re playing the most recent stable release, I’ll change your thread title to reflect that. It’s fine, build 2283 is the most recent ‘unstable’ build which is available through the ‘betas’ tab in the properties of the game on Steam.

I’m pretty sure we have another save issue thread around here for the previous stable build (I know @NonBritGit is having a myriad of saving issues, not that he reminds us all of it daily :P)

@Relyss @Steveadamo (or anyone) any ideas about the thread?

Is it this one?

haha, don’t worry, I’ll say no more on the subject.

Yea the same think keeps happening to me, I have a good sized games going with a number of save files and then once it gets to around day 15 when I try to save a new file or overwrite a previous save it just deletes them. Then eventually my game crashes shortly after, meaning I lose everything i’d been working the past few hours for. #SadFace :frowning: