[ALPHA 4] - Most annoying bugs - DISCUSSION

please use this thread to discuss any of the issues referenced in the Alpha 4 bugs poll thread

again, thanks for your help! :+1:

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Seriously, you just gotta love it when your roof turns into a giant bee colony。

So, where do you vote?

[1]: http://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/alpha-4-most-annoying-bugs-poll/6464

Well, I asked that because I voted there, my post didn’t show up, so I thought you deleted it because I wasn’t suppose to vote there.

right, well… we’re “voting” via liking a given post in the poll thread, as opposed to making a post there ourselves… :+1:


For me, this one is the most gamebreaking one. It’s happened to me fairly consistently (see my last post there – doesn’t seem to be limited to just building in spite of the title, which stems from the way the bug first showed up for me), and does not seem to have an obvious workaround (e.g., saving and loading don’t fix it), and it just makes your citizens stop working for the most part. (Mind you, the transparent buildings bit in the second post was just an aside, it may not even be part of the same bug. That one obviously isn’t such a big deal since it has such an easy and obvious workaround.)

The second would be this one, which is also annoying, but at least if you’re careful and you only place walls all the way around rather than drawn manually, or you leave places open in the floor plan for any internal walls you may build, you can avoid the crash.

So, it’s really just annoying bugs that’s being voted on, or can the most interesting be included too?

well, I’ve really just been adding all bugs reported, since the (early) A4 build was released… so, if one of those is interesting, vote away! :smile:

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Except, wouldn’t that slightly diminish the usefulness of the votes as determining for the team the fixing of which bugs is the most urgent? If interesting but otherwise not really harmful bugs get voted on, they might end up spending resources ironing those out first…

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there goes @Phagocytosis, throwing logic into the discussion… :wink:

you have a good point… but if I were a betting man, I’d wager the voting will skew towards those that are causing us the most grief…

and of course Radiant can obviously tackle those issues they feel are most pressing, regardless of what we vote on here…

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Wait, no-one actually bug-reported the ‘hearthlings only have a head after saving and loading bug’?

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They only reported an issue with corrupted savefiles…

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Vote for what you really want us to fix first. :slight_smile: No guarantees that we’ll actually be able to fix them first (if they’re more complex and they take longer etc) but at least we’ll know what is making the game hardest for you to play.