Alpha 19 system performance and integrity issues

Hi Guys,

I’ve noticed a few patterns that might help diagnose performance issues.

The game performs much quicker with the enemies off. I always kill the enemies immediately since I knew each additional character caused problems, but I was shocked how much faster it goes with them completely off.

Yesterday I was playing as Rayyas, and the system wouldn’t generate the first kobold from the scout gong. Could have just been a glitch, but maybe there’s something about character creation that’s causing a lag. Later in the game my new citizens also show up after a lag, when the first ones create immediately. Additional gongs and replacing the gong made no difference.

I’ve also been noticing a high incidence of items that fail to create. I’ve finally learned to trust the auto queue option, and it does put everything in the queue, but from the queue of a building 50% of the time one item does not create, 25% of the time it’s perfect, and ~25 % of the time 2 items do not create. The resources are consumed despite the object not creating. This gets worse as game play goes on, and is better at the beginning of a game. This applies when items are manually queued, too.

These may all be related, as they are all create new object issues.

The system doesn’t seem to be able to recover from various errors, and performance goes way down. Not sure if there’s a way to help it respond (like terminate after so many attempts or something like that), but just thought I would mention it.

Have a great day!

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