Alpha 11 - Undo function in housing construction will break the editor

Its happening quite frequently… when I accidentally placed a wrong tile, undo will break the editor. While follow-up undos seems to work just fine, I can no longer put down a new tile or blueprint without having to restart the entire client.


Hello @Myrdeen, sorry for the late reply.

Just to confirm, you mean that the undo button works, but after using it the building editor won’t let you place anything new?

I have experienced the same thing. I accidentally placed a wall lantern in the wrong place. So I hit undo, and instead of removing the lantern I had just placed, it removed the roof I had previously placed O.o I placed a new lantern in the two squares adjacent and to the left of the one I wanted to remove and an error message popped up (sorry no longer in my clipboard but will capture next time I see it). I believe maybe it’s intended two lanterns can not be side-by-side, but it allowed it to be put there, then crashed. I saved the design as a template, however when I later looked at my template list, the new design is not in the list (maybe like Myrdeen said, the editor crashed and didn’t save my template).
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Question: How do I remove the lantern that is in the wrong place?

Fun game guys, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the undo button does what it does, but it also has a possibility that it will break the building editor.

I have stopped using the undo since… using the eraser instead.

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