Undo button is broken

Summary: undo button doesnt do anything, impossible to alter walls because of that

Steps to reproduce: dunno, it just stopped to work, ill upload me savegame

  1. build something in template mode
  2. try to undo by strg +z or clicking undo button
  3. nothing

Expected Results: clicking undo should undo the last action

Actual Results: clicking undo doesnt undo the last or any action

Notes: sad builder
also, it seems like it only happens on excisting blueprints in the world… super odd

Version Number and Mods in use: no mods

System Information:

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Yeah… im still not certain how to cancel an item move. For instance… Move this fence over there. oh nevermind dont.

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The only way to cancel an item move is to choose the same item and either move it to another location or recall it into storage. However, that only works if you have NOT placed it inside a building. Once the current building editor decides that the incoming item is part of the building you are stuck until a hearthling places it, if they can.

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im talking blueprint undo, not general world undo

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oh, well they are improving building a lot for the next update it would seem.

its still incredibly annoying not to be able to remove walls AT ALL, especially if you make a multy layered build
forces you to reload for every mistake you make

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I’ve found with any building more complex than a room it’s much easier to build it in stages. Make every room, every floor a new building. This lets you demolish only small parts and sort of design as you go. Then when you find an error you can just delete that single floor rather than the whole huge building.

Yeah. It is a pain to remove walls. CTRL + Z

dude… undo is broken, not just the button but the shortcut too… thats the whole problem