The UNDO Button A15/D2871

The Undo Button, does not work.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build something
  2. Click Undo

Expected Results:
Take away the last thing u did, then the next piece, then the next, ect ect
Actual Results:
Does nothing
Not sure if the has been reported but does need fixing, quiet frustrating.

Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:
Same as always :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit, okay here is the issue in detail. If i build with just floor walls and anything then it will undo. If i save then come back to it. the undo doesnt work for that build, Figured it out. Is this meant to be this way???

You made me start my PC now and I just wanted to sleep another hour :stuck_out_tongue:
My undo button works pretty well :stuck_out_tongue: (same build)
Tested whole blueprints and manually constructed buildings, each click takes one step back.

mine doesnt weird every time i click it, it does nothing

Interesting, I’m sure you have already tried this in a new game (btw. I did just now with both factions) … did you get any other errors?

no error, just design a build save and reload, then the undo button quits working for that build. Idk if it intentional or not. The only problem i foresee with it, is let say your designing something, then u need to do something else AFK and come back to your loaded game u can not undo and thing u did to it, even if u start adding things to it, i will not undo. But u can remove it and start over. But like i said it only if u save the game and reload .


Oh, now it’s clear :slightly_smiling:

“Save Game” does not save the building steps in unbuilt buldings/constructions

Tested and confirmed and yes would be great if the save saves the construction steps too

(Edit: And I didn’t notice your edit of the OP, sorry)


This is also an issue with autosaving. I’ll be in the middle of designing a building and then the game will autosave and then I can’t undo anything prior to the point of the autosave. I end up having to delete the design and start over.

The UNDO button isn’t well implemented but that’s mostly because it dates back to whenever the building tool was first implemented, like Alpha 6 or 7.

Basically you want to always just hard save before designing or placing any building, and use that as your revert button.