Save example where undo is broken


So im sure we all experienced Undo breaking sometimes. So have a building that does that in a save.
So figured i would would give a bug report on that!

I tried to export the template to a new game to see if it was the template.
But works fine in there, so its savegame related it seems.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. load the save game (ignore the error from the castle, it will go away if you delete the castle)
  2. attempt to build something at the big tower still in design, and then use undo.
  3. undo does nothing

*Expected Results: undo does not work on the building

Actual Results:

Notes: save also have broken workers, that wont haul anything :stuck_out_tongue: And the error from the castle >.< wish i could produce 1 error at the time :smiley: sorry guys!

Save game:

Version Number and Mods in use:
18 release 663, no mods

System Information:

well… what can you expect from a psyduck… nothing but headaches… LOL


I think that Undo history never persisted after save/load :sweat_smile:
(someone correct me if I’m wrong)

Undo needs to be revisited anyway, we need a way to be able to modify things without having to undo everything. :sweat:

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It normally does but the save game is there, if you feel brave enough to put that up for a test :wink:

But if its getting a rework no point wasting time on it :slight_smile:

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Hmmm seems to be an UI error. trying to fix the building. I made a template of the half finished building.

Deleted the broken one and placed the template and then got an UI error on placement… asking me to reset the UI.
I did so and the building works as intended

been trying to reproduce the error without any luck :frowning:

Also got my workers hauling again with a whole lot of manual clean up. :neutral_face:

Undo button (or Ctrl +Z as i prefer to use it) sometimes doesnt work to me either, however. if i leave the building and re-enter the customization it starts working again. Never had it persist very long. There is a bug in that code. for sure