Undo Button broke (Dev 2310 x64 )

The undo button is broke for the current build

How to reproduce:

1: Build a building

2: Place a wall, or floor, or windows, ect ect

3: Click undo button in build tool.

Expected result: Removes the last placement you put in.

Actual result: Does not remove the last placement and get the error. Can no longer build on your design.

Work around: Just click the remove build in tool to start over on build.

Just to confirm this bug, I repeated the process several times.


Building tools that break building or buildings are the bane of my existence.

We’re all fooled into expecting all this to work because the game looks so very polished and gorgeous. Then you remember it’s still in Alpha and it’s all understandable that so much ‘under the hood’ is still unfinished or breaks frequently.

I’ve had to stop playing on my AMD machine because of the terrible UI lag that was introduced with 2310. The game plays just fine on Intel 64bit, but becomes very unstable after about 10 days, and the saves won’t load after a crash, so that’s it for that as well.

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