Airships and hot air balloons

make an airship that is able to fly above trees, houses and hills. and it would also be cool if you can fly with an airship to sky island that you can see from the ground


That might just take away from the game somewhat, especially if there won’t be too much of a ‘steampunk’ element.
Either way, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to make one yourself.

I’m all for a blimp style airship as well. But it should be really high up in the tech-tree and maybe it should be limited in what it can do so it doesn’t get OP’d. Like it should just be able to travel at the speed of any normal ground-troops. And maybe it has to land every so often to pick up some wood as fuel. And it should be really expensive to build, so that players can’t build a huge armada of airships to simply fly over walls of cities and invade them.

Just having an airship doesn’t make the game Steampunk IMO.

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I really hope this doesn’t get added. I want this to be swords and bows and catapults. That was the impression I got from the kickstarter. Ive heard alot of mention of things like airships and muskets and cannons and ancient robots and it all sounds too steampunk. I understand that some people like that but I think we should let Tom and Tony stick to their original idea and let someone else make a overhaul mod that’s turn the game into steampunk.


Just to let you know they’ve stated that airships and flight etc won’t be in the first release … read into that what you will, if it will be in subsequent releases or not … but, like everything, will definitely be moddable.

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What i would really like to see is airships like in final fantasy games. carry yours troops and stuff lol

Been thinking in similar terms. Started as an idea for King Arthur’s Gold (great game by the way).
Build flying platforms and build houses and fortresses on them. Add a sail or propeller to move them and off to aerial combat and castle in the sky sieges you go.
The platform can be made to fly either by magical crystals or by a steam punky engine. If it’s an engine it will probably need some kind of fuel to stay in the air.

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It would hopefully not be added to the GAME, but could be a mod, so only people who wanted it got it

to be honest, that really describes most things in the game to begin with… the farming system, for example, can be as simple or as complex as the player chooses…

if you want to go all out and plan an intricate irrigation system to maximize your harvest, go for it… or, if you want to just plant the bare minimum that will sustain your units, you have that option too…

i would think most systems/features will function in a similar manner…

Maybe airships could only be used to carry troops around and have almost no health, and not do any damage, so that if you fly close to hostile city, they could shoot it down. This would keep them from being too OP.