Floating Extravaganza!

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Another idiotic test of mine; the idea is cool but it’s already a ton of work for this small portion so I stop here.
If someday SH offer some parallel universes, one without solid earth’s crust would be neat to build something similar. Could be floating lands over sea, lava, deep space (with cubically shaped galaxies-> cool!)…


HOLY CRAP! (sorry @Atralane but…) THIS IS THE BEST TERRA FORMING I’VE EVER SEEN! How did you do it!? And more importantly, could you show this the the folks at Radiant so, when alternate planes are added, we could have a plane of air?


This is a beautiful landscape!

I may have something else more interesting to mockup potential alternate planes. But a bit later, need to work on it.

To do this you need patience and for the rest good old instant mine and that’s it!


Beautiful … Very cozy and at the same time the edges are frightening :astonished:

Please keep posting creative ideas like this … Definitely you are an artist.

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That’s friggin’ awesome! Note to self, check back if @Beatrice expands this more.


It would be awesome to find something from you two together.

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wow, very stunning! this makes me want the alternate planes to implemented sooner, so thatwe can have these islands naturally!

to me this seems title worthy… but i’ll leave that up to @SteveAdamo to decide.


How do you terraform in stone hearth

You mine! (and because you are new here (btw, welcome! :wink:) you should know you can insta-mine, via console or by editing your settings with "enable_insta_mine" : true). Note it’s not a normal feature, neither a cheat because you won’t get any ressources but a way to go faster for test purposes.


Thanks that’s reallycool :smile: