Engineer Ideas for travelling

So with the unveiling of the new stretch goals comes the possibilities of a Engi class and this got me thinking about possible inventions he could make to aid the player. One thing that can take time on other games that are similar to Stonehearth is characters traveling around large cities.

After boring simple ideas such as cart tracks I thought about teleportation. But how do THAT fit in a game like Stonehearth you say?!? This stumped me to until I remembered one of the best downloadable games that I can remember on the PS3 Fat Princess. It basically came up with a way to send players flying across the map whilst keeping the medieval style and theme intact. A Catapult style launcher…


As a new user I can’t post the .gif to show but above is a link it shows the character is loaded onto the catapult then fired across the map but in Stonehearth it could be the city. The limitation on Fat Princess was the range of and the place you landed was almost the same each time. In Stonehearth a similar system could be employed with trampolines, bails of hay or sheets to be caught in to break the fall of the characters. This alos means their are set destinations within the catapults range you can send people.

This would be handy for at least 2 reasons and i thing it is roughly in keeping with the games style.
A] Get people to where you are building quicker
B] If your base is under attack from another flank send troops there quickly to defend.

But what do you guys think? :smile:

Personally (and this is going to sound really stupid given what Stonehearth looks like) it looks too cartoony.

I like the cart track idea more! Maybe eventually steam power is invented? Steam trains?

carts id assume will be something that is planned at least eventually. If tweaks to have landing zones it would be less cartoony then FP where players just fall to the ground and keep running. Also on the topic of cartoony I dont think SH at leats to me is super serious so if done well it would fit.