Airships Mod [WIP]

Airships Mod:

The Airships mod has the goal of making long distance traveling fun and easy. Villagers will be able to store items (portable stockpile.) in the balloons as well as travel anywhere they wish to go. In the current stage it is not functional and will only be decorative until the actual functionality is added.


  • Pre-Alpha: In progress. This will be the stage where I work on all the basic models.
  • Alpha: Putting the functionality in as well as revising models and bug testing.
  • Release: A full working mod.

Planned Features:

  • Portable stockpile.
  • Being able to travel long distances fairly quickly.
  • Warships that can fight land/air units.

None yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Github: GitHub - nicedude80/airshipsmod: A Stonehearth mod thast adds airships.

Please give suggestions and ideas as to what other features this mod should have.


Really want to see some blimps, how airships will be used in warfare, and of course, steampunk.


On its way, rendering the gif of the blackfire right now! :smile:

Hey, just wanted to say, the blackfire is kinda messed on the forum because of the forum squishing the resolution, and it also need cannons,so update will come soon!

CAN I plz redo people so they are steampunk?

I dunno, but I think that they are too minimalistic, and it it looks a little thick, especially with the ropes.

I am going to fix the thick things,donèt worry.

How did you get that “Official Cheapskate” custom title?

You have to be good boy, the ask @steveadamo really nice.

New update out! v0.02, you cana ctually craft the Falcon of Freedom!

Released v0.03, fixes everything, can now be crafted with 20 wood and 5 bolt of cloth.

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Here’s some reference in case you want to improve your models.

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So in other words, my models suck and you want them to look like that? Lol, I know, these are basically placeholders.

No, the pictures I posted are just references if you do want to improve them, you don’t have to.

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I think I will, I don’t like the models I made.

Just having a look at your first balloon, here’s what I’d consider doing for it:

  1. Make the balloon itself more of a cube. Think about how square and flat the heads are in Stonehearth compared to real heads. A rounded cube might be more in keeping with the art style. Maybe make it slimmer as you get nearer the basket as well (may work, depends on the model’s scale etc too).

  2. The ropes holding up the basked want to look straighter: right now they look a bit like a “J” shape. What you want I think are lines that maintain the same angle all the way from top to bottom: eg 2 up, go out one voxel, then two up, then out one voxel, etc (ie, steps at a constant rate up to the balloon). Be sure to start from the bottom though, as if the pattern ends early at the bottom, it’ll probably look more like that “J” shape again than if it ends early at the top.

  3. Consider a simpler colour scheme for the balloon itself. This is something @Pandemic mentioned re my models, but a simple, restricted choice of colours often works surprisingly well. For example, try the blues from the town flag / banner, and maybe add some bold, “friendly” (ie, not black or red etc) contrasts to it - eg bright yellow or white for example.

  4. Finally, consider how it’ll look from a distance. Up close, details are easier to make out, but from afar you don’t want your detailed pattern to appear messy.


Thanks!Like I said above, I will be changing these models, I just wanted to get something into the game. Thanks for your feedback, will take it into consideration.

I am trying to update this to r195 as I have let this sit for quite some time but even though the gamne loads without errors, it does not show up in the crafting section. if someone has some free time, would you mind looking at it?

your manifest was a little off

    "info": {
        "name": "airships_mod",
        "version": 1
    "aliases": {
        "balloon_1": "file(entities/decoration/balloon_1)"
    "mixintos": {
        "/stonehearth/jobs/weaver/recipes/recipes.json": "file(jobs/weaver/recipes/recipes.json)"

second in your recipe file change

"portrait"    : "/airships_mod/entities/decoration/balloon_1/balloon1.png",


"portrait"    : "/airships_mod/entities/decoration/balloon_1/balloon_1.png",

finally in your balloon iconic change




Other than that, looking good so far :slight_smile:


I would highly recommend remodeling “Ballon 1”. There is no need to make such a large model. Just use scaling options to enlarge the balloon to the right size.

"render_info" : {
         "scale" : 1.5

Just play around with the value. The same tactic is used for the trees in the game. The tree model itself is relatively small, then scaled up to make it appear bigger.

Lots of the entities in stonehearth/entities/decoration/ use scaling, look there for examples.

Unless it’s my software buggin up… your “Balloon 1” appears to be hollow. All models from Stonehearth are solid. My guess would be Stonehearth is optimized for this. Hollowing them out will be unanticipated and will probably result in the inside being rendered as well, causing a drop in performance.One object doing this is fine but it adds up if they are all doing it. I would also consider changing this too.

Best of luck with your mod :slight_smile:


Thank you! I hate those little spelling mistakes. So hard to catch. That model is old and I do plan on remodeling it. Thanks for your help though!

@honestabelink I did all those changes and it still does not show up in the weavers crafting menu. :frowning: Would you mind looking in the git repository again? Thanks again for all your help. I really don’t like JSON because of all the punctuation in it. I am not good with all that. It makes me go cross eyed.