Adding roofs to parts of buildings

I can currently add a roof to every level of the building only once. Is this a current code limitation?
As an example: to the left you can see a house with second floor’s floorplan being different to the first floor’s. But as the roof for the first floor is one-piece, there is no problem to add it.
To the right you can see another building where the second floor divides the possible roof for the first into two parts. But when you try to add the roof for the first floor, you realize that it can be added only for one part of the house (any one of the two, but only one), the other always staying uncovered.

Is it currently impossible code-wise to build such a house?

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have had this too not sure yet how to work around this consistently

Actually the same thing about constructing a house with more than one floorplan for second floor, these floorplans not connecting with each other. I.e. if you have floorplans in place of roofs, you can build ontop of only one of them. The only workaround I see is building second floor as a completely separate house(s).
The roof, however, lacks this possibility as you can’t build only a roof.

Another related question about roofs: can you add roofs to freestanding (not enclosed) walls? For example if you want to build a shed with one wall missing. Is it possible? If it is then it’s possible to build such a house combining it from parts. I, however, couldn’t find a way to do it as of now.

Just found a workaround that works. Funny.

  1. Decide which part of the roof are you going to build first. Cover the rest of the second floor with floor (heh).
  2. Add roof part.
  3. Erase floor.
  4. Decide which part of the roof are you building next. Cover the remaining part of the second floor with floor.
  5. Add next roof part.
  6. Erase floor.
    7… etc.

Stupid as it is, while the game does not allow this directly, the same result can be achieved with a bit of tinkering around. This way you can not only construct complex buildings, but complex roofs as well (I realized this is how I’ve built the top roof part for the first house in the first place).

Anyway, I think since the result is achieveable with tinkering, it should certainly be made achieveable directly. It doesn’t feel right that the order in which you add house features affects your ability to actually add them.

PS. It would be of much help if we could erase walls and roof parts as we can do with floor now.


A small sample manor built with my floor trick.
Left part of the roof is almost flat. Right is actually consisting of three parts, central one covering the stairs.
Can post my template to the Builds if anyone’s interested in it.