Multiple roofs aren't working on release 559 (x64)

When i make a building and i have the second floor in the middle so it splits the two sides, i cant make two roofs for both sides i can only make one.

I can make a roof on one side

but i cant make another roof on the other side

Is it suppose to be like this or am i doing something wrong?

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huh, just tested this, and it definitely appears to be that once one side is placed you can’t place the other side… either that or we’re both doing something wrong :wink:

thanks for reporting! paging @not_owen_wilson

I haven’t tried build 559 (yet), but I suppose my workaround still applies.
That being said, I, too, wish we could solve these construction tasks without using magic tricks.

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this problem has been around for a while now. Even since alpha 15 i was not able to do it. I hope in alpha 17 they have it fixed