How do i get a roof to work with this tpe of building? (Sorted)

I’m trying to get a roof onto my new building, but it only goes over 1 wall.

Solution# I had a freestanding wall spiting the building which messed with the roof.


I think you can first build only that area with the tables and add a roof. After the roof is there, you add the second room with the other floors, and than a new roof at the top. Not sure.

When buildings get complex eventually the roofing tool just breaks down. I hand build most of the roofs in my cities.

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I second @BrunoSupremo. I don’t build any interior walls until after the roof is placed. If I can’t avoid that, I build my roof voxel by voxel. Yes it is a monstrous pain in the butt

I got it working by building the wall out of slabs, can’t use a door but don’t need one.