Add/remove roof Problems in building editor[3023]

Summary: When trying to add a roof over interior walls it almost works! So close!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. square building with interior walls drawn out
  2. place 2nd story floor to exclude parts of roof tool from placing roof
  3. Click roof tool to place on walls

Expected Results: Roof pops up in all but excluded regions or at least in some pleasing fashion, reversible

Actual Results: Roof pops up, building engine no longer recognizes roof which doesn’t do the added wall things anyhow that say I’m a roof. Actually it looks pretty good and I could work with it if I could get the roof tool to work again on the other side. Probably too complicated to explain. Here’s the save: (6.7 MB)

Notes: This is a great improvement. It looks good and almost works… so close!


Version Number and Mods in use: 3023 no mods

System Information:

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I have the same problem with placing rooms inside exterior walls and it thinks that the whole building is split into many smaller pieces for some reason… The only way I’ve seen this work is just placing the roof first and working the interior walls/doors in afterwards.

Oh yeah I went back a save and redid it that way, of course. But hey, still something to work on, plus I happened to have the save.

Can also add on to this. Interior walls really screws up roofs. I was trying to make an Inn … and whew. Most of the building wouldn’t let me put down a roof at all. The few that did allow it were weird strange sizes that didn’t even line up to any room. It was mental.

Same problem here…I tried adding just a blank floor on top of the finished floor with the interior walls, but it just gives a flat roof.